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Hi everyone and welcome to our class's web page!


My name is Mrs 'Shoes' Jones and I am a Year 5 teacher at the school!

Why Mrs 'Shoes' Jones do I hear you ask?  Well, it's mainly because we have so many Mrs Joneses in our school that we had to differentiate between us all!  And, I am some what known for my love of shoes!



We are a very enthusiastic class of Year 5's who have a great sense of humour and love to have a go at almost everything!  We are also very lucky to have another Mrs Jones helping us with our learning and to celebrate all our achievements. (She's the taller one and doesn't wear high heels!)


We do try very hard to update our class blog... but might find it easier to add videos and news on here!



Earlier this term we took part in Arts week and what a fabulous week it was!  We designed African masks; made our version of a mobile of African tribal people, similar to one Mrs Jones had brought back from a visit to South Africa!  We also practised our painting skills when creating a picture symbolising native Africans.  We loved the bright vibrant oranges and reds that represented everything we thought of about Africa!

Expressive Arts Week - African Style!

Not only did we get to paint, make masks and sculptures out of pipe cleaners and masking tape, but we got to design our own African style necklace - using symmetry and pattern, but we also learnt to play the African drums!!

Learning to Drum African Style!

Learning to Drum African Style! 1
Learning to Drum African Style! 2
Learning to Drum African Style! 3
Learning to Drum African Style! 4
Learning to Drum African Style! 5
Learning to Drum African Style! 6

African Drumming at it's best!

Still image for this video
This is just a sample of some of the rhythm patterns that we learnt.