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Curriculum Intent


At Metheringham Primary School, we have designed our curriculum knowing that all children must have the building blocks of knowledge and skills if they are to become successful throughout their years in full time education and into adulthood. Underpinning our curriculum are our school values which embody British Values and seek to promote learners who will become good citizens.


Our curriculum is structured so that children build on previous learning, gain and retain subject-specific knowledge, are able to make connections between subjects and to reflect on their progress. Behind every decision made about our curriculum is the knowledge we have pf our pupils' needs including an understanding of their starting points in Early Years and their emerging needs as they grow and develop throughout KS1 and KS2. Focus areas include: communication and language development, personal, social and emotional development, reading and number fluency including basic maths skills and reasoning. We feel that these areas are vital if children are to access learning across the curriculum and sustain positive relationships and sense of worth not only in school with their peers but in the wider community and beyond.


Children's mental health and well-being plays an important part in their ability to engage with their learning and to be happy. So, built into our curriculum, are activities which develop strategies to maintain a healthy mind and body. We encourage children to be self-motivated and to have a 'can do' attitude so that they learn to aim high and have aspirations for the future.


Because the majority of our children live in a rural area, opportunities are incorporated into the curriculum to visit places of cultural, sporting, or environmental interest that are not easily accessible to them. Opportunities to explore the locality are included in the curriculum so that children learn about what is close to them in a way which aims to promote future use of local amenities e.g. the village library; to nurture a sense of pride, care and responsibility for looking after the local environment and to support them in making connections with the wider world e.g. a visit to Metheringham Airfield allows children to understand more about the role of people in the community and events during World War Two. Through these experiences and the involvement of visitors, specialist teachers of music and sport; the use of film and quality texts, children's horizons are broadened and the need for personal aspiration promoted.



If you require any further information relating to our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher.