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How will the school respond to my concern?


  • The class teacher will listen to your concerns and discuss his/her own observations.
  • Together you will decide on a plan or action. This might be to carry out observations or assessments. Staff will also gather your child’s views. Staff might contact previous schools or settings for more information.
  • High quality teaching, differentiated for individuals, is the first step in responding to pupils who may have SEN. Slow progress and low attainment will not automatically mean a pupil is recorded as having additional needs or SEN.

  • If concerns remain the class teacher will complete an Internal SEND form to submit to the SENDCo and Headteacher which are reviewed termly.
  • If it is agreed that your child has slightly different needs from the majority but does not need specific additional or different support, your child will start to receive Additional Needs Provision. Parents will be consulted of the decision. Your child will have an Additional Needs Plan (ANP) which will consist of one target set by the class teacher and one target set by either a parent or pupil. This ANP will be reviewed termly. 
  • If your child requires provision that is additional and different to that which is offered to all pupils they will be registered and identified as having special educational needs. Parents will be consulted with the decision. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) following the graduated approach of assess, plan, do and review which is in line with the Code of Practice 2014 will be written. IEPs are drawn up in October and will consist of four short-term targets- two from the teacher, one from the parent and one from the pupil. On occasion, there may also be a specific target from an Outside agency. These targets will be monitored by the class teacher and reviewed by the teacher, SENDCo, parent and pupil during Parents Evenings in March and June.  Parents are encouraged to be fully involved in the process. 
  • Any child is able to move between Quality First Teaching, Additional Needs and SEN after discussion at the termly review with staff and parents. 
  • If concerns remain, advice may be sought from specialist outside agencies. This will only be carried out with parent’s consent.
  • If additional and different support exceeds the funding delegated to the school budget for SEN, an application for higher level funding can be requested from the Local Authority by either the SENDCo or parent. An Educational Healthcare Needs assessment can be requested. If the assessment is successful a pupil will receive an Education Healthcare Plan. If the assessment is refused a pupil will continue to receive SEN support. Parents can appeal against the decision.