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How will the school respond to my concern?


  • The class teacher will listen to your concerns and discuss his/her own observations.
  • Together you will decide on a plan or action. This might be to carry out observations or assessments. Staff will also gather your child’s views. Staff might contact previous schools or settings for more information.
  • A further meeting will then be arranged within a few weeks to discuss the outcomes.
  • If concerns still remain the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo) will be informed and if appropriate and agreed with you, your child will start to receive additional intervention known as SEN support.
  • An individualised plan of action will be put together with specific targets that will be shared with the child, parents and supporting adults.
  • This plan will be reviewed termly.
  • If concerns remain, advice may be sought from specialist outside agencies. This will only be carried out with parent’s consent.