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Who's Who

School Staff


Headteacher                                         Mrs E. McMenemie           


Responsibilities: Management of school, Child Protection, Performance Management, CPD, Looked After Children, Budget.



Deputy Headteacher                             Miss K. McKenzie             


Responsibilities:  Year 3/4 Teacher, Assessment, English Lead, Lunchtime arrangements and care, Teaching and Learning.    


School Business Manager                    Mrs J. Woodhead               


            Responsibilities: Budget, properties, health and safety, telephone, e-mail and face to                    face enquiries.


Administrator                                      Mrs L. Evans    


            Responsibilities: Reception, ScholarPack, telephone, e-mail and face to face enquiries.


SENDco                                                 Mrs J. Thackray 


LFSM                                                     Miss V. Coleman




Mrs L. Duggin                         Year 2 Teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

                                               Early Years Teaching and Learning leader,

                                               Leadership team member.


         Miss A. Vrettos                        Year 2 Teacher (Thursday, Friday) 

                                                        Expressive Arts Lead, 

                                                        Management of school website                                              


Mrs T. Freeman                       Year 6 Teacher

                                               Curriculum, Attendance and Design and Technology Lead

                                               Leadership team member.


Mrs J. Thackray                       Special Educational Needs Lead

                                               Intervention Group Manager,                                 

                                               Looked After Children,

                                               Modern Foreign Languages Lead


Mrs W. Gillings                        Year 3 Teacher

                                               Computing and Online Safety Lead


Mrs S. Ullyatt                           Reception/ Year 1 Teacher

                                               Mathematics Lead


Mrs J. Storr                              Reception Teacher

                                               Phonics lead

                                               Religious Education Lead


Mrs V. Wilcox                          Year 5/6 Teacher

                                               Healthy Schools, School Council Lead

                                               PSHE and RSE Lead


Mrs N. Jones                            Year 1 Teacher

                                               P.E Lead


Miss K. Tucker                         Year 4 Teacher

                                               History and Geography Lead


Miss H. Wright                         Year 5 Teacher

                                               Science and Music lead



Teaching Assistants        


Mrs C. Flintham                  Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant

                                          Class Support, Cover Supervision, First Aid


Mrs L. Wray                         Key Stage 1  Teaching Assistant

                                           Class Support, Cover Supervision.


Mrs K. Price                         Key Stage One Teaching Assistant

                                           Class Support, Cover Supervision, Pupil Premium Groups


Mrs L. Outhwaite                 Key Stage Two Teaching Assistant

                                           Class Support and Pupil Premium support, Cover Supervision


Mrs J. Smith-Wood              Key Stage Two Teaching Assistant (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,                                                     Friday)

                                           Intervention support, Pupil Premium Groups


Miss L. Ireland                     Key Stage Two Teaching Assistant

                                           Class Support, 1 to 1 support, Cover supervision, Pupil Premium                                                     groups


Mrs D. Schwandt                  Additional Needs Support


Mrs N.Ward                          Additional Needs Support


Mrs A. Bellamy                     Additional Needs Support


Mrs G. Parker                       Additional Needs Support


Mrs C. Newton                     Additional Needs Support


Miss C Grundy                     Additional Needs Support


Miss J Nourish                      Additional Needs Support





Site Manager                    Mr A Stenner                    



Cleaners                              Mrs Y. Taylor

                                                                Mrs M. Parkes


Midday Supervisors


Mrs Y. Taylor, Mrs T. Stenner, Mrs E. Thorpe, Mrs M Parkes, 

Mrs M. Nezhat, Mrs L. Coggins, Mrs E. Viano, Mrs H. Willis-Dixon, Mrs J. Penrose, Mrs G. Parker, Mrs D. Lewis